How to Choose the Best Flux Core Wire Between .035 vs .030

Being new to welding can make it harder for you to identify the differences between the various items that you check out. There is always a debate going on about the 0.30 vs 0.35 flux core wire. Which one are you going to choose? You need to relax a bit first and get to know the differences between these items. For instance, you may hear that ine flux core wire may be the best.

You need to know as many details as you can to be sure. Once you know more details about them, you will definitely know what to do.

What is a Flux Core Wire?

A flux core wire is a type of wire that is used in welding that comes with a flux coating. There are two types of flux core wires available namely:

  • Gas-shielded
  • Self-shielding

The gas-shielded flux core wire will require a gas that will help in providing the shield needed during welding. The self-shielding flux core wire will not require any gas anymore when it is being used. The flux core wire is usually the choice of people who would need to do outdoor welding. The gas will be helpful in protecting the welds. It will also help if you are familiar with the flux core wire size chart. The details will help you choose the right size of flux core wire that will fit your needs.

Some Benefits of Using Flux Core Wire

Why should you use the flux core wire? You need to use them in order to get some of the benefits that you can expect to get:

  • Higher deposition rate
  • Can be used outdoors
  • Can be used even when the conditions outside are windy.

You may think that you can use a self-shielded wire with shielded gas but doing this will only lead to having poor welds. If you are concerned about how your welds look like, then make sure to only use gas-shielded flux core wires with shielded gas.

Differences Between the .030 and the .035 Flux Core Wire

There are now some details that you have learned about flux core wires in general but how can you choose between the .030 and the .035? The first thing that you need to realize is the differences in their numbers have a meaning. This refers to the welding rod’s diameter. The numbers will also signify the thickness of the rod.

The thicker the rod is, the higher the amperage that you need in order to use this. You can use the .035 rod when you are trying to weld thicker materials. If you are only welding thin metals, it is best to choose .030 flux core wires.

The .035 flux core wire will usually burn hotter and will also penetrate the metals better. If you are trying to weld metals that are even thicker than 1/2 inch, you are better off choosing something other than .030 and .035. The .045 can be a better option so that you can create better welds.

Flux Core Wire Size Chart

Flux Core Wire Size


.030 For thin and light materials
.035 For metals that are 1/4 inch thick
.045 For thicker metals
.052 For thicker metals with faster travel speed
.0625 For thicker metals with higher deposition rate.
.078/0.925 For thicker metals with higher amperage use.

Best .030 Flux Core Wire Review

There are different .030 flux core wires that you can find in the market right now. Which one will be most ideal for your needs? There are a couple of flux core wires that you may want to consider:

Forney 42300 Flux Core MIG Wire

Forney 42300 Flux CoreIf you are searching for the flux core wire that can be used during windy conditions, this can be one of the best options available for you. This even comes with a 90-day guarantee especially if you do not like the way that it welds. Most people are happy with it because of its ideal for all positions.

This is the best .030 flux core wires to use when you want to weld using high speed with hotter conditions than usual. This will work well when you know that you need to weld but you do not have welding gas.

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Blue Demon E71T-11X

Blue Demon E71T-11Are you searching for a self-shielding flux colored wire that you will use in order to weld carbon steels? If yes, then this may be the best .030 flux core wire that you can get. This can be used for different types of welding operations. There are some people who like this a lot because it functions well as a flux colored wire but there are some that say that the quality of this product has changed over the years.

This used to be really good but right now, some say that their welds have become inconsistent because of this product. As long as you know how to use this, then it will be fine.

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Best .035 Flux Core Wire Review

Are you searching for a .035 flux core welding wire that will work well for your different welding tasks? If you answer yes, then there are a few flux core wires that can be checked right now.

Blue Demon 308LFC-O X

Blue Demon 308LFCThis can be used for welding 300 stainless steel and up. In order to use this properly, you need to turn up the voltage, turn down the wire speed, and make sure that you know what output you would like to get from it. This wire has worked according to what is advertised. You know that this can be used for different types of stainless steel and that is exactly what people can get.

Some people are skeptical about the product in the beginning but the more that they use it, the more that they realize that as long as they are using the proper .035 flux core wire settings, then they have nothing to worry about.

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Lincoln Electric, ED016354.035, Innershield NR-211-MP, 10 lb. Spl.-

LINCOLN ELECTRIC CO ED016354This is one of the products that you can use when you are searching for the right MIG welding wire. This is one of the best wires that you can use all around when you are welding. The wire can be used even by those who do not even have professional experience in welding.

Most people who have ordered this say that they have received this in excellent condition. If you are not using gas, you can expect that it will splatter a bit but if you are using gas, this will be perfect for your welding needs.

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Which One Should You Pick?

You really cannot say that one type is better than the other in general. You need to base it on what you are going to weld. If you are going to weld metals that are about 1/4 inch and below, using the .035 will be very ideal. If you are going to weld even thinner metals than that, use the .030 for cleaner welds.

Another thing that you should consider is the type of flux core welder that you have. Do you have a 210V welder machine? If yes, the .030 will be the best type to use. If you are using a 250V machine or stronger, then the .035 flux core wire will be the better option for you to use.

Tips in Using Flux Core Wire

Now that you have learned about which one you would choose when trying to choose between the .030 and the .035, you need to know how you can use both properly. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is assuming that they can immediately learn how to weld. You are always encouraged to practice to create perfect welds every time.

  • Avoid wire feeding issues. Wire feeding issues may usually occur when you try to hold the welding gun to close to the metals that you are welding or when you are welding too slow. You need to be familiar with the speed of your welding machine so that you can work with it accordingly.
  • Make sure to clean the materials that you are going to use for welding prior to welding. If you would try to weld materials that are not thoroughly cleaned, expect to experience porosity which can make your welds weaker than what you have expected.
  • Try to avoid doing an incorrect weld placement. You may try to do multiple passes on thick metals but there isn’t enough space available. If you have enough space, this should not be a problem for you anymore.
  • Be careful about the travel angle and the travel speed that you are going to do while welding. These may seem like simple things that you can just do easily but they are crucial. Doing these things correctly will ensure that you will have perfect welds.
  • Lack of penetration or too much penetration will always lead to poor welds. You know that you have done excessive penetration when the weld metals already go through beyond the base metal. If you have barely done anything, this signifies a lack of penetration.


Using flux core wires may be considered to be easy by people who have done welding for a long time. As a newbie, there are still so many things that you have to learn. Try to learn more about the welding machine that you are using. Plus, know more about the items that you are going to use to make perfect welds every time.

It might seem complicated in the beginning but the more that you know, the easier it will be. Check out the different brands of flux core welds that are available too. Some will be better to use for your welding machine.