5 Best Budget Jointer for Your Woodwork Operation

If you’re keen on squaring and jointing lumber edges, the best budget planner may not be suitable. Getting the right square off for your wood and other operations get done better with a jointer. Right now, there are several jointers in stores.

With so many options to choose from, snapping up the best budget jointer could be a challenge.

But don’t despair!

In this guide, you’ll get access to five of the best jointers capable of handling your woodwork needs without hassle!

And that’s not all!

Aside from providing the best benchtop jointer collection for your buying convenience, there’s a cache of info in this guide. The impressive set of facts alongside this top collection undoubtedly maxes out your shopping experience.

You can be sure of decent woodwork operations if an 8-inch jointer is out of your reach.

Best Editor Pick

Shop Fox W1829 Bench-top Jointer

The 1.5HP, 12amp motor of this engine comes with an impressive cutting speed and cut per minute rating.

With its 10000-RPM cutter head speed and 20000 cuts per minute, this jointer gets the job done in record time.

And if you’re keen on a neat workspace, this jointer makes provisions for that. It comes with a 2.5″ dust port and dust collection fan (impeller-driven) to suck off debris from your work area.

Also, it comes with a free pair of safety push blocks to keep your hands protected from its sharp dual-knife cutter.

High Quality, Cheap Joiners:

CRAFTSMAN Benchtop Jointer – Best Budget High-Speed Range Cutter

The control ease of your preferred jointer has to get full pre-order consideration. And with what this jointer offers, you could get all the features needed for a smooth woodwork operation every time!

The 10amp motor of this jointer supports an impressive 6000 – 11000RPM speed range. With this speed range, 12000 – 22000 cuts per minute are achievable from this jointer.

It also comes with a 39.9lbs overall weight, making it a handy choice for woodworkers seeking portability.

A wider 30″ long by 17.75″ wide by 6.5″ high dimension makes this jointer ideal for several woodworking tasks.

Variable speed control is a sure thing from this jointer designed to max out custom woodworking operation.

Easy-adjust and knife replacement is another essential feature of this jointer for smoother operating ease.

The center-mounted fence also adds to its smooth cutting potential for several cutting tasks.

With the dual-knife cutter head, variable speed, and other features of this jointer, you could be sure of quality woodworking. And with its decent price tag, it’s a choice worth considering.

RIKON Power Tools 20-600H 6″ – Best Cheap Jointer with Safety Guard

Safety is a major factor to consider when selecting a jointer. And with this option coming in with several safety features, it won’t hurt to take a closer look.

The six-row helical-form cutter head of this unit guarantees smoother slices across several wood thicknesses.

It also features a 45° and 90° adjustable fence for improved face jointing woodworking. Its 10 amp motor makes it a brilliant choice for consistent cutting operations.

Two insert cutters, steel knives, an aluminum floor, and other bodywork gives this jointer enhanced durability.

Also, it comes with a safety system for increased protection against injuries. Two push blocks and depth setting also makes this jointer an option ideal for DIY woodworkers.

With the decent cutting power and innovative blade design, this jointer is a preferred pick for many woodworkers. Considering it as a top choice could assure enhanced support for your woodwork operation without hassle.

PORTER-CABLE Benchtop Jointer – Best Affordable Variable-Speed Jointer

Getting more value for money is what this jointer provides. And with a closer look at its features, it could be what your woodworking operation needs!

A 6000 – 11000RPM speed range features on this unit along with an impressive 12000 – 22000 cuts per minute rating.

The 6″ wide cutter is an excellent choice for handling several cutting operations with 32.1″ long by 12.4″ wide by 11.2″ high dimension.

The center-mounted fence on an extra-long feeder makes this jointer a preferred pick for longer wood pieces.

Its dual-knife cutter head and variable selection speed promise significant wood slicing potential.

Face jointing, edging, and flattening also get full support from this jointer, making it a versatile choice.

The massive collection of facts from this welder makes it a brilliant pick for several woodwork operations. But if it’s in your sights, you may have to spend more to snap it up.

6″ Bench Top Jointer 37-071 – Best Cheap Jointer with Fence Adjust System

There are many features from this system designed to max out wood finishing support. And with its decent dimensions and fence adjusts system, it’s one choice worth checking out.

Within/out, adjustable +ve stops at 90˚ and 45˚ angles, this unit’s fence guarantees cleaner cuts. Also, it comes with an impressive ⅛” maximum cut for slicing through wood with increased depth.

The 20,000 cuts per minute rating of this jointer promote increased woodworking support for several challenging operations.

Its 6″ cutter head dimensions also guarantee better cutting power with its dual-knife design.

120V operating current this machine uses makes it an ideal choice for home and workshop woodworking. The 17″ long by 28.5″ high by 13″ wide dimensions also provides decent cutting space for several challenging tasks.

The iron fence jointing system of this machine elicits longevity and sustained operating support. Also, it comes with an impressive cast iron construction designed to provide more sturdiness for cutting operations.

Precision machining is an essential feature of this jointer, making it an ideal choice for getting cleaner cuts. The fence adjust system also promotes increased angling of wood pieces for better jointing support.

All these features get a sure boost with the generous five-year warranty. With such a massive coverage period, woodworkers can be sure of more value for money.

The fence adjusts system, and other high-performing features of this jointer make it a preferred choice for many woodworkers. Considering it as your top pick could guarantee increased woodwork support.

Shop Fox W1829 Benchtop Jointer – Best Jointer for Neater Workspace

Are you keen on enhanced cutting support from a jointer? You’ve got to consider this choice! It comes with a cache of impressive features every woodworker is sure to fancy.

With a 1.5HP, single-phase, 12amp motor in this jointer, it comes with the right power to handle several tasks without hassle.

Also, it’s 10000RPM cutter head speed and 20000 cuts per minute rating edge out numerous jointers.

And when maintenance is in play, this jointer comes with a brilliant feature. Its 2.5″ dust port acts as a receptacle for holding debris capable of soiling your workspace.

The 1.8″ cutter head diameter on this unit is another feature worth checking out. It’s ⅛” maximum cut depth also makes sure you get several wood pieces worked with increased comfort.

At a 110V operating current @ 60Hz rating, this benchtop jointer is a brilliant home use option.

Its 28.5″ long by 6.25″ wide feed tables also promotes easier woodworking potential for several wood pieces. 45° and 90° fence stops also feature in this jointer to increase angle-cutting potential.

All these features make this benchtop jointer bulky. At 80lbs, it’s one of the heaviest 6″ benchtop jointers out there.

Safety push blocks feature in this benchtop jointer for increased operator safety. And with its two-knife cutter design, these blocks come in handy.

An adjustable aluminum fence comes with this jointer to deliver better woodworking potential.

The cast iron construction features a precision-ground design. With this design, enhanced durability and smooth woodworking is a sure thing. Such a heavy-metal construction adds weight to this jointer but also boosts its longevity.

The jointer comes with a massive collection of features that elicit smoother woodworking potential. Considering what it’s got on offer, it could be the jointer best suited to your needs.

Buying Guide

Hand Planer vs. Jointer

Hand Planer

A planer helps make a board or piece of wood flat equal. Using a planer may leave some areas unmatched. In most cases, a planer underperforms in evening out wood not run through a jointer beforehand.

Hand planers are getting replaced by mechanized options but remain handy for DIY and small woodwork jobs.

How Hand Planers Work

Planers, particularly electric hand options, come with several knobs and blades. These knobs set how far the iron cutter sticks out from its housing.

Also, hand planers come with knobs designed to protract their iron cutter during a cut slowly. Most hand planers need iron cutters sharpened to a 25° angle.


Jointers help make warped and twisted boards flat again. These machines are integral to keeping wood pieces in top shape for your project. Jointers also function as straighteners and for squaring edges.

In some cases, specialized jointers can also act as planers. But these options could cost more than basic jointers.

How Jointers Work

Jointers feature in and outfeed tables. Along with the feed, tables are a cutter head fitted with small knives. These knives are flush with the feed tables to allow smooth passage of wood pieces.

Also, the in-feed table on most jointers come with lowering designs to enable better cutting depth. Guards also feature in several jointers to deliver increased support for safer operation.

A fence also features on several jointers. With the fence, woodworkers can easily clean up board edges and get them angled up.

Pros and Cons of Hand Planer vs. Jointer

  Hand Planers Jointers
1 Easier creation of parallel surfaces across several wood thicknesses Ideal for squaring off wood edges
2 Ideal for achieving uniform thickness for many wood types Perfect for removing warping from different wood thicknesses
3 Delivers an overall smoother finish than many woodwork tools Right tool for eliminating twisting from wood surfaces


  Hand Planers Jointers
1 May not be ideal for eliminating warping on some wood thicknesses Not the best for assuring consistent thickness across wood dimensions
2 Twisted wood pieces may be unworkable through hand planers Rough surfaces could be obvious
3 Not the best for squaring off edges Could need a planer to finish wood surface

What to Consider Before Buying a Jointer

Cuts per minute

If you have much woodwork to run through, picking high-powered options is important. Jointers usually come with 10,000 to above 20,000 cuts each minute. Such brisk cutting potential is essential to maxing out woodwork operations without hassle.

Safety design

There’s a chance of injury when working with an ill-designed jointer. The jointer you need must have a safety system in place. While some jointers use spring-loaded safety guards, most common options use push blocks.

Regardless of your choice, the jointer you choose will provide ample safety from avoidable injuries.


There are several dimensions to choose from when it comes to jointers. You can decide to pick jointers with cutter heads measuring from six inches up.

You can also make a dimension-based choice on feed tables width, length, and height on your benchtop. Pick a jointer with dimensions ideal for your woodwork effort.

Knife design

Better cutting power is achievable with several jointers on sale right now. And most of these jointers get superior slicing power from their knife design. While older options come with single blades, newer options feature two-blade designs.

Consider placing a double knife-edged jointer for your woodwork operation. But in most cases, these options tend to be pricier than regular jointers.

Motor power

A wide range of jointers functions with inbuilt motors. These motors significantly boost cutting speeds for neater slices through wood pieces.

Many jointers usually feature motors with amperage ratings within 8 – 15A. A higher amperage rating could translate to better cutting potential from your chosen jointer.

Variable speed

Jointers with variable speeds come with the right potential to deliver custom cuts through wood.

Selecting a jointer with variable speed control enhances its versatility for neater woodwork operations. And most jointers come with this function, making a quality pick likely.

Weight rating

Portability is another essential factor to consider before pre-order. Jointers usually come in as handy, but bulkier choices tend to offer more features and durability.


Selecting budget jointers capable of handling the job is an uphill task for several woodworkers. With so many inferior in-store options, making a quick pick is another tasking feat to manage.

But with the right info and products, you’re sure to make an ideal pick.

Undoubtedly, this collection of the best budget jointer makes selecting top woodwork tools more comfortable. And with the facts above, you’re sure to straighten out your wood pieces without hassle!