10 Best MIG Welders Under 700, 1000 (2020) Review & Buying Guide

There are a lot of people who usually search for MIG welders under $1000 because they would like to do some projects at home. These simple welding machines can be enough to provide what people need. MIG stands for Metal Insert Gas welders and they are very helpful in joining metals properly.

Image Product Details
Hobart Handler 210 MVP MIG Welder
  • Dual-voltage (115V/230V)
  • Duty cycle – 115V 20% at 90 amps
  • 3 year limited warranty
Forney 318 190-Amp

  • Welds up to 3/8 inch
  • Argon/Co2 Regulator Sold Separately
  • 5/3/1 warranty against manufacturer defects

  • Input voltage: 220/240V AC
  • Wire range: 0. 025 in. – 0. 030 inches
  • 30-day refund and 1-year
Reboot Mig Welding

  • 240-volt input and 200 amp
  • Multi-Use: MIG/Stick Gas/Gasless /Lift TIG
  • Accepts 2-10 pounds flux core
Hobart 500554001 Handler

  • 30% duty cycle @ 130 Amps
  • Welds 24 ga. to 5/16in.
  • Warranty: Standard 5/3/1
140 Amp MIG Wire Welder
  • 2T/4T—2T(Manual)/4T(Semi-auto) switch
  • input voltage: 110/120v
  • 30-Day 100% Satisfaction
2019 Everlast PowerMIG 200

  • Digital IGBT Inverter design
  • Capable of SMAW (Stick) welding
  • 240 volts


  • 110V/220V Dual Voltage
  • Suit for 2lb and 10lb wire spool
  • Ideal for outdoor repairs, rusty metal, farm

MIG Welder Buying Guide

Take a look at the market right now and you will see so many MIG welders. How can you possibly make a decision? Checking out the price is always going to help you out. Eliminate those that go beyond the $1000 mark. Aside from that, what else can you do? Consider these factors to help you in making the best choice:

  • Materials – Consider the type of materials that you want to weld together. Are you going to weld aluminum? Are you going to work with thicker metals? The materials that you will use will also help you in making the best choice.
  • Comfort of Use – There may be some projects that you will do that will take a long time to make. You need to make sure that it will be comfortable enough to use that you will not mind using it.
  • Ease of Use – There is a need to have a product that you can use with ease. This will make it safer for you to use because you will know how to use it properly. Set up a MIG welder properly before using just to be sure about its safety.

Top 10 MIG Welders Under $1000 Reviews

Hobart Handler 210 MVP MIG Welder

It can be hard to find a welder that can be plugged into almost all types of plugs but this is the welding machine that does that. This also comes with generous operating parameters so that it will be easy for you to use no matter what type of welding you would like to do.

This comes with an easy weld set up which means that you do not have to spend a lot of time just to make sure that this will weld properly. It also comes with a guide that you can refer to when you are having some trouble trying to figure out how to set up the different parts. It comes with a dual gauge regulator that will help you keep track of all the details to make your weld perfect.

This is one of the welding machines that people love using whether they are professional welders or beginners. The instruction manual will make this even easier to understand than usual. A lot of people seem to like this welder and there is a big chance that you will appreciate it too.

  • You can control the power of the welds
  • This is a transformer-based machine so this is more durable than the others
  • The multi-voltage ability is very handy
  • Some say that this is not 210 MVP
  • Item arrived with dents.

Forney 318 190-Amp MIG Welder

Forney 318 190-AmpYou may be searching for a versatile machine and this is not a budget MIG welder that you can just disregard. This can be used in farms, in boats, and almost everywhere else. You just have to know its other features so that you can decide if this is the best one for you.

This multi-step welder comes with six taps that can make it more convenient to use. You can expect that its quick-connect torch can be used easily and can also be connected with your metal of choice. This also comes with a long cord. It will be ideal to use even when the plug is a bit far away from where you would work.

This is one of the welding machines that you can use if you are very particular about searching for one that has a long cable. The regulator does not measure PSI but this can easily be remedied if you would change the gauges.

  • This took only a few minutes to set up
  • Welds nicely and smoothly
  • Gun is very nice
  • It may dent easily
  • Some do not like the gauges

LOTOS MIG175 175AMP Mig Welder

LOTOS MIG175 175AMPAre you searching for a versatile welder? If you answer yes, then searching for the right welding machine can be a bit of a challenge. This particular welding machine may offer all of the items that you need though. Get to know more about it here.

Using this will be easy to do it would just connect it to a 220V outlet so that you can set this up and start using this within 10 minutes. It will also be able to handle the standard wire spools to do more welding tasks and projects.

This already comes with its spool gun and the spool gun can be used easily for aluminum welding. There is no need to purchase the other items that you need for welding anymore. Everything will already be available when you purchase it.

  • One of the best-priced welders that you can get
  • Perfect for hobbyists
  • The rig is good and very solid
  • You cannot get replacement parts when this breaks down.
  • Some say that the hertz information is wrong

Reboot Mig Welding Machine 220V

Reboot MIG175If you are searching for a MIG welder without gas, you do not have to look any further as this is one of the best welding machines that you can consider to get soon. This gasless welding machine may come with the features that you are looking for.

This can be effectively used for metal welding. This can weld over 0.8 mm metal plates easily so you do not have to use up too much energy in the process. The welder can also make use of 1kg Flux core wire easily so you can easily use this for flux welding. Just pull the trigger of the torch and this will immediately startup.

A lot of people like this because this is one of the welders that look nicer in actual as compared to in pictures. This is also one of the most affordable welders that you can get. The only problem is, it may not come with all of the items that you need to complete the setup for the type of welding process you want to do.

  • This can make welding easy
  • A multi-process welder
  • Can truly exceed people’s expectations with its features
  • Some have reported that this caught on fire while they were using it
  • Not enough information available on how this can be used properly


Are you looking for a welder that will have the ability to weld aluminum with the use of a spool gun? There is no need to worry anymore. While different ones are available, this is one of the welding machines that you can use for your needs.

This comes with a three-year warranty. This means that if something goes wrong within three years of using this product, you can have it looked into by the company. You can also call anytime because they offer support every single day of the week.

They can operate from 200V to 240V depending on what you may need. This is suitable for welding stainless steel, aluminum, and other metal materials. There is no need to worry that this will not be useful for the projects that you may have.

The price is just right for this welding machine that can be used for a long time. Use this for your various home projects as this will be perfect for hobbyists too. This can be one of the practical choices that you can make soon.

Hobart 500554001 Handler 190 with SpoolRunner 100

Hobart 500554001One of the things that you can count on when you start using this machine is it has been built with durability in mind. You can be sure that this is a durable welder that you would love to use for a certain time. This can be used to weld different materials.

This welded aluminum that comes with a spool gun can be plugged in directly so that you can start welding. There is no need to worry about potential feeding problems that may arise when you need to purchase the spool gun separately. The welder can be used for certain projects that you may need to do at home or in some commercial places. Whether you need to mend fences or your tool carts, this welding machine will be able to offer what you are looking for.

Some say that they have experienced some issues about using this in the beginning but after the initial issue, they can use and maximize this welder. You will likely be satisfied with this welder too.

  • Settings are easy to setup
  • The price is great
  • One of the welders that is easy to use
  • Some have received their product damaged
  • Missing parts will always be a problem

140 Amp MIG Wire Welder

LOTOS MIG140 140 AmpThis is one of the wire welders that you can use for welding different types of materials. You can use this for welding aluminum, stainless steel, and so much more. It is best to know more about this welding machine so that you can decide if this is the best one for your needs.

This comes with a high-quality aluminum wire feeder that will make sure that this is stable. It will be able to provide a great user experience every time you choose to use this. The transformer technology allows this to be easily connected to your 110V outlet so that you can start using this welding machine within minutes. The 2T/4T switch will make this more comfortable to use especially when you need to use the machine for quite a long time.

This is one welding machine that you can use with or without gas. The welder is ideal for various types of projects that you may want to do at home. Some are saying that this could be the best welder you can get for the price and you may try it out to know for sure.

  • This is really nice especially for the price.
  • Arrives almost immediately and setup is easy.
  • Can fit a lot of people’s welding needs
  • Feeding wire may get some issues
  • May not provide as much heat as you have expected

2019 Everlast PowerMIG 200

2019 Everlast PowerMIG 200There are different MIG welders that you can find but there are some that are just better than the others. This particular wire welder looks great and it does have some features that are worth mentioning.

This comes with dual digital displays that will allow you to see the current volt and amp readouts easily. It will be easier for you to make some adjustments too depending on the project that you are planning to do. There is also an adjustable burn back control so that welding can be powerful no matter what the current situation is. This comes with a lot of different features as compared to other welding machines within the same class.

If you are searching for a welding machine that is packed with features, then this is the best one for you to pick. Just make sure that this can be used for the welding technique that you are planning to use soon.

  • The machine works great and can be adjusted easily
  • Price is amazing for all its features
  • Great for hobbyists and has a lot of power
  • Not as affordable as compared to other welding machines
  • Some do not like the way that it looks


SUNGOLDPOWER MIG Welder 140If you are searching for an inverter-based and portable welding machine, you do not have to search anymore. This may be the welder that you are searching for. This can be ideal if you are trying to do gas-less welding.

This is a double voltage welder that will allow you to use it even when you have to travel. Bringing this with you will not be too much of a problem as this does not weigh as much as the other welders. The welding machine can also be used with different electrodes depending on the project that you are planning to do. Advanced control technology makes this function very well.

The search for a welding machine that comes with a spindle adapter is now over especially if you are searching for something like this in particular. This also comes with a lot of great features that will make it ideal to use at home.

  • This comes with everything you may need for your welding projects
  • Well built welding machine
  • Secured properly to ensure that nothing bad will happen to it during shipping
  • Some say that it arrived faulty right out of the box
  • Received with some parts missing or not working

HITBOX MIG Welder 200Amp Inverter

HITBOX MIG Welder 200AmpThere are so many welding machines that you can find right now that it can be very confusing. This particular welding machine will be ideal when you need to weld stainless steel. Learn more about what this welding machine can give you.

This is one of the welding machines that will be capable of using 5kg to 15kg of welding wire. Just imagine how ideal this will be especially when you are trying to do some large projects. This can be used with a power generator which means that beginners will also have the ability to use this easily. The welding machine already contains all the necessary items that you will need so that you can use it immediately.

This is a welding machine that you can use when you are trying to build handmade products. You can also use this when you are doing automotive repairs, and so much more. The quality of the finish is great even if you are just a beginner.

  • Great for people who love doing DIY
  • They have great customer service for those who are in need
  • Set up is quick and easy
  • Some say that this suddenly became non-responsive
  • On and off switch may start having some issues

Benefits of Using MIG Welders

You need to look for the best MIG welder under 1000 because you do not want to spend too much money on an item that you are only going to use occasionally. You can expect that these welders will do their job and you will get these benefits too:

  • This is lightweight and will be easy to bring from one place to another.
  • The machine can offer reduced running costs.
  • MIG welders can be used even by those who do not have any previous experience in using welding machines.

Now that you know the benefits, you may become enticed to purchase the right product for your needs soon.

Final Verdict

There are a lot of MIG welding machines that can be purchased right now. Look for one that will fit your budget and make sure that you will find something versatile enough for your needs. The different products that are listed above are all good enough for residential and certain commercial projects. Hopefully, you have gained enough details to help you make the best decision.