Best Welding Magnets Review & Guides

Welders need to have a lot of stuff to put great welds together. And one of the major accessories a welder needs is a welding magnet. With a welding magnet, you can get more streamlined welds together.

Due to numerous choices in stores, locating the best welding magnets has been elusive for some buyers. But not anymore!

This collection provides the best choices for a welding magnet to ensure your op runs smoothly. With an extensive look through a major collection of welding magnets, the best five (5) choices are presented here.

These magnets will make sure you run your welds smoothly for exceptional results. If you’re not a fussy buyer, you can also check out the Editor’s Pick for a quick, hassle-free choice.

Editor’s Recommended Pick

Strong Hand Tools, Adjustable, Magnetic V-Pads, 4 Piece Kit

For buyers looking for a quick pick, this four set, magnetic V-pads could be what you need for your welding operation. It comes with four (4) rare earth magnets fitted on each piece, making support for your metals easier to achieve.

Many users will also find its highly adjustable design handy when holding rounded or flattened metals. And to crown it all off, this set of welding magnets comes at an unbelievably affordable price.

Best Welding Magnets reviews

Spurtar 4pcs Arrow Welding Magnets

[amazon box=”B07J64VKJD”]

When you’re on a search for the best welding magnets, you certainly got to make a Spurtar rank on your list. Here’s a rundown of all specs and features that make this set of welding magnets truly stand-out.

Two pieces of this welding magnet comes with 50lbs pulling capacity. The other two can support up to 75lbs pulling capacity.

A compact angle arrow build also features on this magnet, making it comfortable to hold objects of varying shapes. You can comfortably sheet or tube metal at 45o, 90o, and 135o.

It also comes with a double-sided build for assembly and welding work. With a double-sided design, there’s no need for adjustable welding magnets to get excellent welds.

This set of magnetic welding holders comes with four pieces for handling different welding tasks comfortably. The set of welding helmets comes at a great value, making it a perfect pick for welders on a budget.

Also, when you don’t need a weighty accessory, this welding magnet comes weighing only 6.8lbs. Its lightweight promotes easier storage and handling of your magnets whenever you need them for work.

Making this welding magnet your choice isn’t such a bad idea. It’s got the right mix of durability and affordability. Welders on a budget and operators who need numerous magnets will find it useful.

  • Ideal for pegging metals at different awkward angles
  • Perfect for double-sided holding
  • Works well for soldering, tacking, and other tasks
  • Durable design
  • Great for separating steel plates
  • Riveting may be an issue in some choices
  • Pick up and hold may be lower in some defective units

Strong Hand Tools, Adjustable, Magnetic V-Pads, 4 Piece Kit

[amazon box=”B00JXDSVA6″]

If you need a tough adjustable welding magnetic holder, Strong Hand Tools certainly has to appeal to you. This set of welding magnets makes sure you get the support you crave from a magnetic clamp, and more.

Four (4) rare earth magnets come with each pad on this single-pack, adjustable welding set. This makes it more comfortable for metals to get held in place.

The set of rare earth magnets that feature on this welding tool will withstand heat exposure up to 180oF. Excess temperature exposure could affect the magnet’s integrity over time.

This welding helmet features a tight-gripping build which ensures users can get their base metals properly held.

Also, it comes with a lightweight design which makes sure users can make the most from a weld op hassle-free.

With an excellent design, this set of welding magnets comes in handy for a great number of jobs. It’s a great tool to use in holding round, flat, square, etc. objects for a much neater tack, solder, or weld.

And since adjustability is a must, this magnet comes with an innovative design featuring V-shaped pads. The pads can be adjusted with no hassles and is great for a number of welding applications.

If what you need is a welding magnet for light-duty operations, it’s best you make this magnet your choice. It’s got a lot of features perfect for light-duty welding. Such a tool could be useful for your DIY welds at home.

  • Features 2 large and regular V-pads
  • 0.9lbs in weight
  • Great for holding for several jobs
  • Features 16 rare earth magnetic fittings
  • Perfect for light duty substructure
  • Can hold parts at several angles
  • Excessive heat will total this welding magnet easily
  • Stiff pivots could be noticed in some units
  • Only great for light duty welding

Strong Hand Tools, Heavy Duty, Adjust-O Magnet Square, On/Off Switches

[amazon box=”B000VH8040″]

Do you need a sturdy welding magnet? Then you’ve got to check out this choice. It features a great amount of features primed to ensure you a better weld.

Check it’s specs, features and other essential stuff about it below;

To make sure you assess what your welding magnet’s great for, you’ve got to check out its maximum pull force. With this welding magnet, you’d be assured up to 90lbs pull force to support your various tasks.

With a 111 X 95 X 29 dimension, this welding magnet can perform a lot of ground and holding tasks.

These welding adjustable magnetic pads are easy to clean and put back to great use. Its features support a comfortable wipe-down after you’ve turned it off.

Setting up metal pieces at several degrees is so comfortable with this magnet. It can easily hold workpieces at 45o and 90o.

Using this magnet is very easy. Newbies and pros alike can easily identify with this magnet’s functions for a smooth weld operation.

Rare earth magnets feature in this welding accessory to ensure a high-quality clamp-on ferrous metals.

With this adjustable welding magnet, users can make the most from tricky welding ops where consistent angling is a must. It’s also got a great price tag and can be ordered in packs.

  • Double-plate magnetic force
  • Made with rare earth metals
  • Comes with an on/off switch for comfortable operation
  • 1.5lbs in weight
  • High maintenance potential
  • Switch may be difficult to use
  • Holding force may dwindle over time

Magswitch Mini Angle

[amazon box=”B007Q6YOHQ”]

Magnetic holders come with rigid designs that give some welders a heart-wrenching moment. But when on/off magnets are available, the welding op becomes more comfortable and results improve.

Many customers trust welding adjustable magnetic tab holder and other accessories from Magswitch. Let’s take a detailed look at why this magnet could be just what you need for a great job.

To introduce this magnet’s exceptional specs profile, know that it comes with capacity to support metals weighing up to 90lbs.

It also works with no hassles on 45, 60, 90, and 120 angles. And if you’re keen to hold a flat or piped metal for a weld, this is a great buy.

At just over seven ounces (7.2 oz.), this welding magnet won’t add any considerable weight to your inventory.

If you’re lost on how to maintain your welding magnet, the next feature will be of essence to you. This welding magnet comes with a debris-shedding tech to keep your accessory clean and fully operational.

It’s light weight and innovative design also makes it an excellent buy for welders that need to handle small jobs.

  • Switch performs as illustrated
  • Removes metal shavings for self-cleaning
  • Improves handling at different angles
  • Great for light duty welding ops
  • Has an impressive maximum pull force
  • Small size may not be the best for some larger holding needs.
  • Switch may get stiff over time

Magswitch – Mini Multi Angle

[amazon box=”B007Q6YOIA”]

If you’re keen on a welding magnet featuring multiple angles to support your welding task, here’s a great choice. This mini multi angle helmet ensures you get the most from your welding operation, hassle-free. Check out its specs and accompanying features below;

This welding magnet comes with a 300 Amp ground clamp to make your welding op as smooth as possible. It also comes with several angles to hold metal pieces seamlessly. With two sets of 105/75-degree and 45/135-degree angles, this magnet is the real deal.

What welders are sure of is great holding capacity at 45, 60, 90, and 120 degrees to support varying object shapes.

A welding magnet without metal-shedding tech could become problematic over time. That’s why this unit comes with a highly-responsive on/off magnet. When the magnet is switched on, it holds all metal around in place. And when turned off, even metal shavings fall off with ease.

It also comes with an incredibly lightweight design that’s ideal for handling lightweight holding operations.

This welding magnet comes with so much durability and value for money. If you make this magnet your choice, know that it’s covered by a 12-month, manufacturer defect warranty.

This welding magnet comes with exceptional ground clamp capacity. With its impressive sheet of features, you’d have more value for money and a more satisfying welding op every time.

  • Decent holding potential (67kg max.)
  • Works with an exceptional metal shedding tech
  • Great on/off technology
  • Several common angles and ground-use compatible
  • Magnetic work-holding angle can support up to 150lbs
  • Expensive
  • Magnetic strength could be a little higher

How to Use Welding Magnets

Welding magnets are great for tightly holding two pieces of metal together. In most cases, these welding accessories work best with ferrous metals.

Here’s how to get the best from a welding magnet;

Place the magnet on a solid surface (for grounded magnets) and at each end of a plate (for four sets)

If you’re intent on holding two pieces together, its better you make use of one magnet at each end of both base metals. In this case, welding magnets that support metals at angles are preferable.

Tacking operations will also require you use V-pad or four set magnets. These magnets will have to be placed beside the plates to avoid contact with metal arcs

Metal arcs interfere with and limit the integrity of magnets almost instantly. Ensure you place your welding magnet away from an arc giving a space of around six to seven inches.

Also, if you’re keen on getting the best welds, make sure a welding magnet is a bit far off. These magnets will disrupt your weld and interfere with your expected results.

If you intend to get a vertically-placed metal tack-welded on a horizontal plate, you’ll be better off with angled or V-pad magnets. These magnets should be placed on both sides of the metal plate, joining up with the base metal. This provides durability while you put your welds together.


If you’ve been searching for the best welding magnets, it’s certain this collection has shown you what you need. Make a choice based on what you need a welding magnet for, and it’s certain your op will become better than ever!