Top ESAB Welder Review – Best Welding Machines for the Money

Welding has a lot of branches and applications, making it one of the most dynamic crafts in the modern world. To put metals firmly together, there’re lots of methods you can use effortlessly.

But for the best results as a newbie welder, this ESAB welder review is the best place to make a choice! You’re provided with the best tig welder for beginner and other skill levels.

You’ll be doing your welding operation a whole world of good if you pick a product from this esab rebel welder review. I’ve had a full welding career in various capacities over two decades, and I’ve resolved to share only helpful facts with you.

It’s no secret a lot of product reviews normally hold misleading info. Be rest assured you won’t get any of that in this esab rebel review.

There’re very few welding machines that live up to their name. And this esab tig welder reviews details the two best choices for your selection ease.

When you’re willing to dole much cash for a welding machine, a top expensive tig welder should be what you get. Anything short of the highest quality isn’t acceptable. So without taking more time, let’s take a look at the finest choices for a welder right now!

ESAB Welder Review

Take a detailed look at the best welding machines from ESAB, and it’s no doubt a choice here will light up your welding experience;

1.   ESAB Rebel EMP 205ic – Top Quality, High-Class TIG Welding

When you’re in need of a top-performing welding machine, you can’t go wrong with this esab 205ic review. It’s got all the specs and a whole lot more to ensure you don’t stop welding. Here’re all the exciting features and more on the finest welder for your money!


In every esab rebel 205 ac/dc review you come across, you’ll notice they’ve all got the True All-Process spec added. This allows welders the opportunity to weld with virtually anything. MIG, TIG, STICK and more welding applications are a breeze with this welder.

If you’re looking for the best machine for joining metal with greater ease, there’s something for you in this machine. It comes with a MIG Gun to ensure you put your welds together much faster, and that’s not all!

For more comfortable movement of your welding machine, a lightweight build is compulsory. That’s why this welder comes with a very light, 49lb weight for easier transportation and operation.

Also, you’ll be provided with a slim, portable design from this welding machine as it comes with a 16” X 23” X 9” build. At a frequency of 50/60Hz, this welder will respond to your welding operation as fast as possible.

At a voltage range of 120 ~ 230 V, this welder packs a multi-use feature, making it perfect for welding at different currents. To adjust your welds, this machine comes with a trim adjustment feature for enhancing neater welds.

You’ll also get a five-handle cage for making multi-environment welds easier than ever before. For a more comfortable operation of your welding machine, it comes with a varying duty cycle to fit the s-MIG tech of your unit.


For easier starting, this welder comes with a High-Frequency start for effortless start in AC and DC modes. You’re also provided with balance and frequency adjustment for easier machine operation.

To guard against shorting and ensure your machine performs for longer, a pulse DC feature is included in this welder. It’s not just this you’ll get to optimize your machine’s performance. It comes with a spot welding setup, making it easy to put together precise welds.

You’ll also get a set of 6010 electrodes to string up those welds faster than you’ve ever imagined!

And to crown this welding machine as a top choice for you, there are added much more exciting and helpful features. It comes with a quadruple of programmable memory process locations, inductance control, and more!


This welding machine comes with every feature you’ll ever need. It packs an excellent amount of durability, quality, and efficiency in making sure you get the best performance from a welder.

And for the money, it’s no wonder it boasts a huge set of exciting features, and a whole lot more! Making this welding machine your choice isn’t going to be a wrong choice; that I can assure you!

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”true” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” link_text=”Check Price on Amazon” link=”ss” ][i2pros]MIG Gun and complete accessory kit
Complete, multi-purpose welding function
Smart MIG Technology
Easy to adjust and operate
[/i2pros][i2cons]Costs a lot to purchase[/i2cons][/i2pc]

2. ESAB Rebel EMP 215ic – High-Performance Welding Machine

Rebel never ceases to amaze with their range of exciting welding products, and this release is a worthy addition. There’re lots of helpful specs and features this machine possesses, and each is added to make your weld better!

Let’s see in more detail why this machine should be your choice;


For smarter welds, this machine comes with an s-MIG tech build which is simply fascinating. This spec added to your machine monitors your welding patterns and adapts to it.

Also, for a lightweight, high-quality performance assured, this welding machine comes weighing a little less than 40lbs. You’ll be more comfortable with transporting and making use of this welder for much longer.

It also comes with a very beautiful ergonomic design. With an overall dimension of 16” X 23” X 9” (L X W X H), this machine is easier to handle than you’ll normally expect.

It comes with a varying duty cycle to accommodate the welder’s s-MIG state switching requirements.

When you’re at a certain skill level and need stable arcs for a number of successive welds, this machine’s your best bet. And it’s certainly not the whole story with this welder!


It’s no doubt you’ve been on a hot search for a welding machine with a multi-purpose welding feature. If that’s what you need, then you’re in luck! This welder comes with a multi-process build which is perfect for metal, flux-cored, stick, TIG, and a lot more of welding operations.

It also comes with a set of 6010 electrodes for seamless, out-the-box welding. You’d also get a lift TIG welding feature for easier, neater management of tungsten welds.

For a clearer display, this welder comes with a thin-film transistor (TFT) display. This display screen is a whole lot clearer than your average welding machine and makes your work easier. Tuning and setting up welds become much of a breeze with this welder in your inventory.

To prove this welders got what you need and much more, it’s still got many features that’ll ensure you weld more comfortably!

It comes with a MIG gun made with Tweco-Fusion tech, an electrode holder, an earth clamp, and a gas regulator. With all these and more, this welding machine is the portable choice for welding applications of any kind!


For the money, this welder loads up with some features that’ll make you drool over it. It’s recommended for its high-end quality and pocket-friendly price. But above all, it packs a tough performance for any welding situation.

And, oh, before I forget, you’ll also get a set of free gloves when you buy this welding machine. Isn’t that fascinating?!

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”true” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” link_text=”Check Price on Amazon” link=”ss” ][i2pros]S-MIG tech
Thin-film, clearer display
High-quality MIG gun
Bonus features included
[/i2pros][i2cons]Bonus features may be missing in packaging after shipping[/i2cons][/i2pc]


Why Choose ESAB Welders?

ESAB welders pack a lot of high-quality features in their build. With such features, it becomes much easier for operators to string more precise welds together.

And for the price, this brand of products has got a lot to offer when durability and performance is concerned.

Is it Right to Use ESAB Welders in Wet Conditions?

ESAB welders perform in a range of conditions effortlessly. But when it’s wet, making use of your machine could be very dangerous.

It’s advised you make use of your welder in an area where there’s no moisture to prevent shorting of your welder, or electrocution.

Does Price Really Translate to Quality With Welding Machines?

Welding machines, just like a range of other products, come in a range of sizes, shapes, and prices.

For the record, when it comes to welders, price doesn’t always translate to superior/inferior quality.


In this review, we’ve seen two exciting welding machine choices that’ll easily make your welding operations much easier.

There’s certainly not going to be any bad days when you make use of these welding machines. Make a choice, set it up, and get those neat welds you’ve always wanted!