Hobart 140 Vs Lincoln 140 Head to Head Comparison

Imagine being at the store (online/brick-and-mortar) and having no idea what welder will best suit your metalwork needs? There’re a few things that are more challenging, believe me!

And that’s for a massive collection of options less likely to fit your workpiece-joining crave. When it comes to top choices such as Hobart 140 Vs Lincoln 140, making a choice could be tasking.

These welders both offer excellent join potential and currently hold the trust of several pro and newbie welders.

But what makes the difference?

If that’s the question that brought you to read through this, then you’re in luck!

Right here, we’ll be digging deep into both welders to ascertain their quality. Bringing relevant facts about these welders to your notice makes a final pick more comfortable.

And that’s not all!

Setting up a welder right requires answers to relevant questions. So, do you need expert answers on Lincoln 140 or Hobart Handler 140 setup and more? Here’s the piece you need.

Hobart Handler 140 vs Lincoln 140

Aluminum weld capacity

With a Lincoln spool gun (sold separately), welders have an enhanced potential to weld aluminum workpieces without hassle.

The Hobart 140 also supports aluminum welding, but achieving a perfect join requires more work. A Teflon liner has to fit on the gun hose before any aluminum welds can become possible.

Amperage range

The amperage range on a Lincoln 140 stands within 30 – 140 amps. On the flip side, Hobart 140 welders offer a much broader amperage range at 25 – 140 amps.

Duty cycle

With an identical duty cycle of 20%@90amps, both Hobart Handler 140 and Lincoln welders are top-notch for smooth operation.

Such identical functionality means you’re sure of a standard operating experience regardless of your choice welder.

Gas-based welding support

When it comes to gas-reliant welding processes such as TIG and MIG, Hobart 140 comes with an impressive spec. Its tri-gas mix is perfect for joining stainless steel workpieces without hassle.

On the flip side, Lincoln welders only support high-argon or carbon gas mixes without enhancements.

Operating ease

Hobart 140 welders come with excellent charts for suggested wire feed settings, gauge metal, and lots more. The Lincoln 140 also features a detailed chart illustrating recommended settings for welders. With these features, both welders guarantee enhanced operating comfort.

Polarity switching

Both Lincoln 140 and Hobart 140 welders offer significant support for polarity switching. And there’s no real difference in functionality when it comes to this feature.

Steel welding

Welding thin steel sheets could be challenging for other welders, but Lincoln 140 and Hobart 140 remain top-notch options.

Hobart 140 welders can comfortably join 24ga. Steel plates. On the other hand, Lincoln 140 welders can easily merge 3/16” steel plates. Such thin sheet-merging potential gives Lincoln welders superiority in this section.

Storage ease

With a smaller dimension of 19 X 11 X 13 inches, Lincoln 140 welders offer slightly-higher storage ease. But when compared to the Hobart 140 (18 X 15 X 16 inches), the difference is negligible.

Thermostat protection

Automatic thermal protection is sure when you select a Lincoln 140 welder. The auto thermal protection gives the Lincoln 140 and edge over Hobart Handler 140 welders.

Voltage setup

Both welders function well with 120V US standard voltage. But to boost your welding potential, it could be a great idea to acquire a 30amp circuit from an experienced electrician.

Also, Hobart 140 welders come with a five-level tapped dial for voltage settings. The higher setting count is in contrast to the Lincoln 140’s four-step dial.

Warranty cover

A five-year transformer warranty gives the Hobart 140 a better edge over Lincoln 140 welders.


Hobart welders weight about six pounds less than the 71lb Lincoln 140.

Wire feeding speed

With a wire feed speed ranging from 40 – 700 inches per minute, the Hobart Handler 140 offers superior welding power. The Lincoln 140 also offers decent wire feed speeds within 50 – 500 inches per minute.

Wire sizes

Hobart 140 welders can support wires within .023” – .035”. Lincoln 140 welders can only fit wires within .023” – .035”.

  Hobart 140 Lincoln 140
Aluminum weld capacity   Better weld potential with spool gun add-on (not included in package)
Amperage range Better range at low bound  
Duty cycle Tie Tie
Gas-based welding support Better for stainless steel welding  
Operating ease Tie Tie
Polarity switching Tie Tie
Steel welding   Better for thinner sheets
Storage ease   Better dimensions
Thermostat protection   Auto thermostat protection
Voltage setup Tie Tie
Warranty cover Better overall warranty cover  
Weight Lighter  
Wire feeding speed Faster  
Wire sizes Wider wire size range  


What kind of gas does a Hobart 140 take?

High argon and carbon shielding gases perform excellently when used with a Hobart 140 welder.

How many amps does a Hobart 140 use?

The Hobart 140 welder operates with an output bound within 25 – 140A.

Can a Hobart 140 weld aluminum?

Hobart 140 welders can weld aluminum and other metals without hassle.

How thick can you weld with a Hobart 140?

You can weld quarter-inch thick plates with a Hobart 140.

Which is better Lincoln or Hobart Welders?

There’s a fine line between the performance superiority of Hobart and Lincoln welders. While Hobart welders offer better warranties, Lincoln welders perform similar functions overall.

Can a Lincoln 140 weld aluminum?

Coming in with 120V power, the Lincoln 140 can weld aluminum without issues.

Is a 140 amp welder good?

140 amp welders offer enhanced support for welding challenging projects and are perfect for thick materials and gas-based processes.

Is the Hobart Handler 140 A good welder?

The Hobart Handler 140 is a good welder due to its outstanding arc performance and thermal protection potential.

Last Word

After this Hobart 140 Vs Lincoln 140 head-to-head, it’s clear what choice welder will boost your metalwork success potential. Making the most of your welding sessions has never been so comfy.

Regardless of your pick, what you’re sure of is outstanding join potential that guarantees maximum, hassle-free satisfaction!