Hobart Airforce 250ci Plasma Cutter Review (2023)

It’s a fact that many industrial workers and hobbyists alike fancy the use of a plasma cutter in getting their jobs done.

There’re so many instances where a plasma cutter can be used, and the advantages of this machine make it a tool you need that plate cut in two. And as you’d have it, the Hobart Airforce 250ci Plasma Cutter is the top choice for your metal slicing needs!

In construction companies, metalwork shops, and others, the need for a quick, clean-cutting piece of hardware for separating metal is a must.

In the old days, people usually made use of metal-to-metal cutting equipment which increased the chances of injuries while leaving a rough cut. But that’s not the case anymore!

The world of plasma cutting has evolved for more than five centuries, and right now there are tons of brands promising the best cuts through metal. But in this large scale market, it becomes rather tricky to make a befitting choice.

When you’re looking through ultimate welding cart, the best plasma cutter for cnc is what you should look to get. We’re going to be taking a detailed look at every part of the best plasma cutter for your business, and your choice will become more natural.

Hobart Airforce 250ci Plasma Cutter review

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  • Voltage: 120V (110V compatible)
  • Weight: 27lbs
  • Cut Thickness: 125” (mild steel rated cut) 0.25” (maximum steel cut)
  • 5ft work clamp
  • 7ft power cord
  • 115VAC plug
  • Hobart Limited Warranty



Getting to know every in-depth feature of a plasma cutter will make it easier for you to appreciate the product.

Also, the features will make it more comfortable for you to make a selection based on what you need the metal cutter for. Here’s a look at everything that sets this cutter in a class of its own.


A plasma cutter’s versatility adds to the quality you get when you purchase this cutter. This set can be used at two voltages, making it ideal for cutting through metal regardless of the currently available.

The plasma cutter can function at 120 and 110V, and as if that isn’t enough, there’s more! The cutter has the ability to make clean cuts through mild steel up to 0.125”. Also, it can cut through steel at a maximum of 0.25”, ensuring you get the right cuts without much hassle.


You would expect this set to be very fragile as it comes in a total weight of 27lbs, but you better have a re-think! This set comes made with the most durable set of materials to ensure there’s no interference with its operation.

With the relatively lightweight of this cutter, the makers have fitted a very durable handle to make it more comfortable to transport and use.

To make the set impervious to cracks and other damaging effects, the outer covering is made with durable materials to promote its sturdy nature.

There’s more than this set can provide, and it becomes easier to manage when you know that its durability is assured!

Compact Design

This set’s design is a direct indication of the quality you’ve been looking for in a plasma cutter. It comes with a slender top that enlarges down to the base of the unit. With this design, this machine set is easier to store, and there’s more provision for better operation of the unit.

The unit comes with just more than a beautiful outer covering. The outer casing of this plasma cutter set is made from durable steel, so you don’t expect it to give in to any dents. Also, the inner parts of the cutter are very much durable and well-designed.

It’s a fact that due to the cutting process, excess heat could be generated in other inferior units, but that’s not the case with this Hobart cutter.

To add more to the overall cutter’s quality, it comes with two vents comprising of widely-cut holes to make it easy for airflow through the machine. When airflow is assured, it becomes much easier to manage using this machine for longer periods.

Price Point

When pricing is an issue, many buyers may switch between choices just to get any product that’ll do. But if pricing has been the reason behind your settling for less, there’s nothing of the sort when you make this plasma cutter your choice.

This plasma cutter has a lot to offer, and its price adds to the overall benefits you get in your metalwork set.


Warranties provide a form of security for buyers in the event your cutter gets defective. It’s risky to purchase a product that doesn’t have a warranty cover, and it’s a sure thing that the Hobart Limited Warranty cover provides more protection for your investment.

What’s In a Box?

When you’ve got your plasma cutting set, expect it to come with just more than the main unit. The central unit performs most of the functions, but accessories have a vital role to play as well. It comes with a 115 VAC plug to make your cutting sessions easier.

A 16.5ft work clamp is added to this set to make plate setting and cutting more comfortable. To cut at long distances, you’re provided a 7ft power cord for cutting at long distances.


If you really want the cord to function at longer distances, getting an added extension cord will elongate the distance you can use this set to work.

To give you more control during usage, you’re also provided with replacement tips, and a cable management strap for better control of your machine’s outer wiring.

With all this in the cutting set, there’s surely nothing you can’t get done when metal cutting is what you desire.