How to Set Up a Hobart Handler 140 Gas

Hobart handler 140 gas is convenient for beginners as well as skilled and experienced ones. The most important thing to consider during Hobart Handler 140 gas setup is safety and security. You want to set up your welder such that it may not fall and cause accidents. In this article, you will get guidance on how to set up a MIG welder, specifically the Hobert Handler, safely.

A Hobart Handler 140 gas can help you in welding tasks that include:

  • Welding your art and metal sculptures as a hobby
  • Light repairs around your farm
  • Truck repairs

Hobart Handler 140 gas set up

The Hobart Handler 140 comes with a welding chart on the inside of the cabinet’s door. The chart contains recommendations and instructions on the gauges of the metal that the Hobart can handle. The details that you will get on the chart include:

  • Whether you should use shielding gas or no shielding gas
  • The polarity that you need for the type of wire that you will use
  • The Hobart Handler 140 main settings for welding
  • The settings for MIG welding for solid and the recommended gas

The Hobart comes with a manual with instructions on how to set up and use it. The instructions are easy to follow and easily understood. You, therefore, do not need to seek the services of a technician to set it up. You can do the installation yourself in the comfort of your home. This will save you time and money.

The Hobart also comes with all the necessary nuts and bolts that you will need to set it up. You will not be required to go back to the shop to buy them. The manual contains details about the Hobart Handler 140 gas welding chart.

How to use the Handler 140 welding chart

To use the Hobart welding chart, follow the following steps:

  • Read the welding chart to know the gauge and the type of metal that you are supposed to use. The chart will also give you the gauge of the wire that you should use.
  • In the next step, dial up the setting on the output voltage dial.
  • Finally, set the speed of the wire feed. The wire speed ranges between 40 and 700 IPM (inches per minute)

Setting up and using the Hobart Handler 140 is straightforward. This makes it ideal for beginners who want to enjoy welding. It is also suitable for skilled and more experienced welders.

Another vital feature of the Hobart is the Integral Thermostatic Protection. This adds to your protection and safety. The Integral Thermostatic Protection means that if you go beyond the Hobart duty cycle, the protection trips and shuts off the welder. This ensures that you only restrict yourself to the welding chart instructions, which guarantee your safety.

There is also a warning light that will come on when the thermostatic protection kicks in. When the light comes on, keep the Hobart welder plugged in and on so that the fan can run. The fan will cool off the Hobart Handler 140 welder to temperatures that can allow you to start welding again.

However, don’t start welding the thermostatic protection resets immediately. You should wait for at least fifteen minutes for the welder to cool down properly so that you do not cause terminal damage to the welder.

Hobart Handler wire size

Hobart Handler wire size

The Hobart 140 welder can use the following sizes of wires for welding:

  • 0.030-inch aluminum wire
  • 0.030-0.035 inch flux wire size
  • 0.023-0.035 inch solid wire sizes for welding stainless steel
  •  0.023-0.035 inch solid wire sizes for mild welding steel

Hobart Handler 140 shielding gasses

The Hobart Handler 140 can weld with the following shielding gasses:

  • 100% Argon gas
  • 75% Argon/25% Carbon Dioxide gas mix
  • 100% Carbon Dioxide that is typical for welding steel

If for any case you are unsure of the type of the gas that you should use, do not fret. Consult the welding chart that is on the door of the cabinet. You can also find the instructions on the manual that comes with the welder.

Tig vs. Mig Welder

MIG (inert metal gas) and TIG (inert tungsten gas) work in the same way. They both create the weld by use of an electric arc. However, when you compare the tig vs. MIG welder, you realize that the mig will perform. The Hobart Handler 140 is MIG-ready. It can be used for welding stainless steel and aluminum of every gauge, which is why the Hobart Handler 140 is perfect for the welding work.

The process of setting up the Hobart Handler 140 gas

Hobart Handler 140 gas set up is effortless and straight forward. You do not even need to hire a technician to help you in setting it up. However, as mentioned earlier, safety should come first. You should set up and secure your gas cylinder so that it doesn’t fall accidentally.

All the details about how to set up the Hobart Handler 140 gas welder are in the manual. The manual provides a step-by-step guide on how you should go about it. The instructions are easy to follow, which makes it easy for both beginner welders and experienced ones.

To set the Hobart up, you will require to have a wrench 5/8 of an inch 1-1/8 of an inch to help you adjust the bolts. The following is a step-by-step how-to set up the Hobart Handler 140 gas:

  1. In the first step, take off the safety cap of the cylinder. You should then open the valve a little bit. This will help blow out any dirt that would be on the valve. Then close the valve.
  2. You should then attach the flow meter or the regulator. The face of the regulator should be upright so that it can be seen clearly.
  3. Take your gas hose and attach one side to your Hobart 140 welder. Take the other end of the gas hose and connect it to the flow meter.
  4. Open the feed head pressure assembly to adjust the flow rate. To start the gas flow, press the trigger on the welding gun. Adjust the gas flow accordingly. The flow rate is mostly around 20-30 cubic feet per hour.

This is, however, subject to the type of wire you are using. The manufacturer of that particular wire may have its recommendations for the rate of gas flow.

  1. Finally, when you have set the gas flow rate correctly, close the feed head pressure assembly. The Hobart Handler 140 gas setup is over, and you are ready to enjoy your welding.

The Hobart Handler 140 gas welder makes your welding experience fun and straightforward. It is easy to set up and use it. The manual gives you all the instructions you need so that you can have a seamless welding experience.