The Best Hobart Ironman 230 Mig Welder Review

The Hobart Ironman 230 Mig Welder is an expert MIG welder with awesome curve quality, which limits splash and make the after weld cleaning process a lot simpler. This welder is truly amazing to break the battle between energy control, circular segment aspect, the worth and dry cycle is reasonable for both motion cored and MIG welding.

The 230 Mig Welder likewise accompanies worked in running apparatus with a chamber rack to store your chamber. Hobart makes quality and solid welders and this one doesn’t baffle. Regardless of whether you’re a specialist or an expert, This Welder is truly outstanding.


  • Model No: Ironman 230
  • Brand: Hobart
  • 3. Stature: 31-1/2 in.
  • Width: 19 in.
  • Length: 36-1/2 in.
  • Obligation Cycle: 60% at 175 A
  • Welding Amperage Range: 30-250 A
  • Thickness: 24 ga. – 1/2 in. – Single Pass
  • Wire Feed velocity Range: 0-700 IPM
  • Info Energy: 230 V
  • Item weight: 185 lb.
  • Procedure Type: Flux Core, MIG

For what reason You Should Buy This Amazing Welder?

On the off chance that you need a framework with the most powerful yield accessible and the ability to be utilized as either motion cored or a MIG welder, this unique welder is great. Simple to utilize, its highlights like the reversible drive rolls and limitless wire speed are intended to make your welding as basic and easy as could reasonably be expected.

Hobart Welding things have gone through decades, by structuring, testing and delivering a full line of cutting and welding machines that are mechanical quality.

What makes This Welder so remarkable?

In 2000, they included a full line of welding parts and extras, from auto-obscuring protective caps to pole and motion center wire, to equipment, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Who Should Buy this Welder?

This Hobart welder is an uncompromising, high force unit structured in light of the tradesman. Its highlights are altogether outfitted towards the man who realizes what he’s doing and has understanding. Everything the machine has is expected to empower the welder to redo his work process and set up each framework for his careful details.

This is the ideal decision whether you are really an expert welder or simply need to weld like them.

Execution and Usability

This Welders obligation cycle welder acts in the scope of 30A to 250A.

The Outcome:

This is too much of welding ventures. In the meantime, The intensity of the machine conveys brilliant circular segment quality, splash-free welds, bringing about exact. As it accompanies a wheel pack, you can rapidly move it anyplace you need.

The welder is good with the accompanying wire sizes:

  • Mellow steel: 0.023 – 0.045 in.
  • Aluminum: 0.030 – 0.035 in.
  • Transition cored: 0.030 – 0.045 in.

It is truly a workhorse. In any case, it very well may be utilized for:

  • Domestic Use
  • Auto fixing
  • Auto body
  • Rental
  • Fabrication
  • Construction

Hobart Ironman 230 Mig Welder Review

Main Features

  • Huge power yield: From 30-250A, the most powerful yield extends in its group. Have confidence, if the Ironman doesn’t have the force for the activity, nothing does.
  • Twelve tap voltage control: Maximum control of your voltage, and a smooth, dependable circular segment. The advanced showcase likewise makes perusing your settings basic, regardless of the position you need to weld from.
  • Infinite wire speed control: Absolute control gives you the nearest coordinate between metal thickness, wire distance across and bend conceivable. You show signs of improvement looking dabs, further infiltration, less splash, and simpler cleanup, unfailingly.
  • Unique spool center: Changing wire spools is simpler than at any other time with Hobarts toolless spool change framework and programmed wire arrangement includes.
  • Reversible drive rolls: The Hobart drive moves accompany two wire grooves for two distinct sizes of wire on each roll. This implies you invest less energy changing drive rolls, and spend less cash on new parts.
  • Hinged wire feeder board: No issues getting to the wire drive framework. Not at all like a few machines changing spools and drive rolls is faster and less complex than at any other time. Simply lift the covering board, and you have a moment to get to.
  • Built-in warm over-burden: Just on the off chance that something turns out badly, the inherent warm over-burden consequently stops the unit if it is at risk for overheating.
  • The fan on request includes: Computerized fans possibly initiate when required, lessening power burden and keeping the machine liberated from dust and other harming particles, expanding its life expectancy.
  • Fantastic aluminum welding alternatives: All you have to begin welding aluminum with this unit is the discretionary Hobart spool weapon.
  • Hobart 5/3/1 Warranty: The machine and every one of its adornments are secured by the standard Hobart 5/3/1 guarantee. See the client manual for more guidelines.

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  • This unique welder is staggeringly solid. It will keep going you an exceptionally lengthy timespan.
  • It comes complete and prepared for the use at the hour of procurement.
  • It is fit for welding thicker metals contrasted with other comparable welders.
  • It has the most extensive scope of intensity yield contrasted with other comparable welders.
  • Overload security to shield from overheating.
  • Can weld 24 ga. up to 1/2 in. gentle steel in a solitary pass


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  • The welder is overwhelming and difficult to ship.
  • It’s a generally costly MIG welder.
  • Inability to work on an ideal family unit power supply outlet.



As should be obvious from the highlights referenced in this discussion, this device is an extraordinary decision for welders searching for a total package of hardcore welder machines. It gives the amazing capacity to experts and is extraordinary for use in manufacture, auto bodywork, development, just as home use. It’s the best device for best welding with very high force, reliable, smooth conveyance. Keep in mind, having appropriate wellbeing gear is significant when welding.