How to Use A MIG Welder without Gas You Need to Know

You may wonder what a no gas welder is and how to use a MIG welder without gas. We will show you how.

There is no universal solution for the welding process. You may wonder what a MIG welder is. The name is the abbreviation of Metal Inert Gas Welding. The process is considered semi-automatic. Firsts versions appeared in 1940. The welding process is simple, but it requires a power supply. Its purpose is to provide electricity to heat the electrodes. You also need a wire feed system, to provide power from a spool to the joint. Then you need a handle with a trigger to supervise the wire feeder, which furnishes from the spindle to the joint. The fourth element is a shield to protect the weld.

Welding is the process of joining two pieces together. Can you MIG weld aluminum without gas? Yes, you can! What matters is that you know the proper method on how to do it.

Where to Use a MIG Welding?

The device finds its role in shops with high-level production. Its purpose resides in manufacturing and sheet metal products. You may find the device as GMA GMAW. Engineers name it Gas Metal Arc Welding, but we will talk about the no gas version.

You need to penetrate the two pieces of metal during the welding process. You can make two pieces stick together using a welding device. The welds will be as strong and without irregularities depending on your skills and experience. Welding with flux core, no gas is a simple process.

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Can You Use MIG Welding Without Gas to Get Great Welds?

You may ask how to use a MIG welder without gas to obtain good results. To make beautiful welds, long-lasting, you need to take time and be patient. It is essential to fit up the metal to use for welding and clean it.

How to Use a MIG Welder Without Gas

Be careful and start learning correctly. If you have already learned some bad habits in the past, these habits may be hard to rectify.

MIG welding aluminum without gas is a process of joining two metals. You need to heat the pieces to molten hot temperatures. Manipulating the weld, you will create a weld bead. It is not enough. You need to find how to clean the metal, cut, fit-up, making measures and choose the right welding process. The heat point is around 2700 0 F. You need to know that every welding process heats the metal to a specific temperature.

Your Safety is Important

Every time you cut a wheel, use a grinder or band saw, the process makes a lot of noise. You need to protect your ears using plugs. You need to use hearing protection because your ears may get damaged. Protect your ears regularly from loud noises. Use earplugs or gun-style earmuffs to protect your ears.

It is a huge mistake to forget your eye protection. It is the first thing you must do before begin welding. The welding mask is mandatory. The arc is very bright. The mask is dark until the arc hits it. There are many masks in specialized stores. Some eye masks are cheap while some are expensive. The covers work similarly. The mask blocks the light and allows you to see the welding process.

Other considerations are the following:

  • The mask quality depends on how much you want to spend. I recommend the cheap mask. It makes what it needs to do. The masks protect the eyes and skin from the ultraviolet light.
  • It is also recommended to wear a long jacket, jeans, and boots. Never wear tennis shoes. You may avoid the flying sparks.
  • A welding hat is not mandatory but makes a miracle when you work in a position where the sparks can fall on you.

Working outside with a No Gas MIG Welder

You can weld out in windy conditions safely. If you are working outside and unfortunately it is a windy day, don’t panic. A flux core works for that. The wire has flux inside. It creates a slag on the weld bead. Slag’s role is to protect the weld from windy conditions; atmospheric gases kept aside.

There is a reason to avoid using MIG is windy atmospheric conditions. Shielding gas will blow away. The result is porosity in the welds. The bunch of holes will make your weld weak. It is mandatory to use flux core wire to obtain perfect welds.

If the metals are dirty, a no gas MIG welder will still give good results — specialist always advises to clean the ore before welding.

Flux Role

No gas MIG welder gives results like stick welders. Using flux, it provides the possibility of dirty weld materials. It doesn’t mean that you don’t need to clean the metal before welding. A no gas MIG welder works better in this situation.

How to Prepare your Weld Bead

First, you need to check if the area is well ventilated. You need to do that because the flux core makes a lot of smoke. Then you need to set up your machine. Many people tend to drag. It means that you travel during the welding process.

Instead of pushing, you need to pull (drag) the machine. Sometimes, you will not in a position that allows dragging a no gas MIG welder. You can be in a situation where you need to push the machine. You can be in a difficult situation when you need to pull and push.

How to Set the Non-Gas MIG Welding Polarity

You need to know how to set the polarity. If you have set the polarity in the wrong way, your weld will look horrible. You will see many spatters. It is the moment when you need to switch your non-gas MIG welding polarity when you modify the settings from solid wire to flux core wire.


These details may be hard to take all in especially if you are a beginner. I would recommend getting to know the different facts little by little. The more that you become familiar with the process, the better that you will know how to use an MIG welding without gas.