Vulcan Omnipro 220 Review Durable and Versatile Welding

Do you need a welder that provides multiple functions for handling several welding processes? You’ve got to pay attention to this Vulcan Omnipro 220 Review. In this review, you’ll get access to essential facts that’ll direct you to the best welder out there.

There’re so many choices in stores right now, making selecting an ideal multipurpose welder challenging to manage.

That’s why I’ve decided to go through an extensive collection of top welders out there. After much research, the Vulcan Omnipro 220 is undoubtedly an excellent welder for several processes.

And it’s also certain taking my word for it won’t be enough for a host of buyers. So, you’re going to get essential info on this welder right here.

The Omnipro 220 at a Glance

Vulcan manufactures a host of high-quality welders with the Omnipro 220 among the company’s latest releases.

The 220 is a multipurpose welder designed with several quality features to deliver top-class welding potential.

This welder is ideal for stick, MIG, and TIG welding processes. It’s also an ideal welder for effortless completion of flux-core processes.

How to Setup the Omnipro 220

Setting up the Omnipro can be achieved in three steps. This welder’s easy setup is possible due to its pre-calibrated setup. You only have to tweak the machine’s material thickness, rod or wire diameter, and process type.

What’s in The Box?

Here’re the components you should expect with an Omnipro 220 order;

  • Ten feet of 180A metal inert gas (MIG) welding gun
  • One gas nozzle
  • Two pieces of 3/100 or .03 inch
  • A pair of cable liners
  • Work cable (10ft.) (DINSE-style)
  • Two hundred ampere electrode holder
  • Six feet argon and carbon dioxide hose and regulator
  • FCAW wire (two pounds of .03 inch)
  • MIG wire (two pounds of .03 inch)
  • .03 – .04 inch drive roll (V-groove)
  • .030 – .05 inch drive roll (knurled)
  • Input cable (ten feet with plug included for 120V)
  • Input cable (ten feet with plug included for 240V)


Size of electrode: Stick welding functions with 0.06 – 0.12 inch electrodes. Tungsten welder uses .04inch – .08 inch electrodes (shielding gas required)


At 120V, this welder functions at a range of thirty to one hundred and forty amperes for MIG and FCAW processes. Also, the welder functions at a range of around 10 ~ 80A and 10 ~ 125 amperes for stick and TIG processes.

When it comes to MIG and FCAW processes, the 220 works at 30 ~ 220A for MIG and flux-cored processes when set to 240V.

Also, the machine works at a range of 10 ~ 175amps for stick and tungsten welding processes.

Metals that can be welded

The Omni Pro comfortably welds various types of steel, cast metals, and aluminum. Note that the welder offers several penetration options when it comes to different amperages and welding techniques used. Lighter metals usually get perfectly joined with a 120V setting.


Wire Feed Speed

Wires with brisk feed speeds ensure operators get a lot of work done in record time. The Omnipro 220 assures wire feeding speeds between fifty to five hundred inches every minute.

This ample provision of quick wire feeding significantly improves your work ratio, making you get much done over a short time.


Getting an ideal display is essential to the proper operation of your welder. That’s why this welder comes with a 4.3” LCD screen. With this display, you have more control over your welder’s settings. You’d also monitor your welder’s operation better with this high-quality screen.

Wire Size

When it comes to supporting various wire sizes, the Omnipro 220 comes with support for cored and plain wire in the following order;

  • Plain: 0.025” – 0.035”
  • Cored: 0.030” – 0.045”

Preset Welding Programs

With thirteen dozen (132) welding programs preset in this welder, operators can be rest assured for comfortable first time operation.

Memory Retention

This welder comes with provisions to retain previous settings for operators to join work pieces without hassle.

Inverter Technology

With the Omnipro 220 featuring an impressive inverter technology, welders have the potential to make the most of their metalwork jobs more comfortably.


The Vulcan Omnipro 220 welder weighs 47lbs. At this weight, welders can comfortably get work pieces put together. The weight also ensures welders find this machine easy to store and transport.

Dual Voltage Technology

With support for welding at 120V and 240V, this is a welder that’s ideal for home and industrial use. No matter where you need to get work pieces put together, this welder will certainly serve you well.

Welding Processes

At least four welding processes can be comfortably carried out with the Vulcan Omnipro 220. This wealth of potential operating options makes this welder a truly cost-effective spend in the long run.


The high-tech Omnipro 220 comes with an overall dimension of 15” X 7.5” X 7.5”, making it a portable and efficient welder.

This dimension makes it more comfortable for storage. Operating this welder in challenging conditions becomes easier with this welder.


Welding Applications

The Vulcan Omnipro 220 is ideal for welding various kinds of ferrous metals.

Comfortable Settings

Setting up this welder is more comfortable with only three steps required to begin welding.

Multiple welding processes

With ample provisions for FCAW, SMAW, GMAW, and GTAW processes, this is a welder many operators dream of having. It provides excellent value for money with its potential application to several processes.


Is the Vulcan Omnipro 220 a good welder for beginners?

Beginner welders will have more operation ease with a Vulcan Omnipro 220. This welder comes with easy operation potential and an LCD screen to monitor your settings.

Are Vulcan welders any good?

Vulcan welders deliver excellent support for numerous welding processes. These welders come with an impressive collection of features.

What company makes Vulcan welders?

Vulcan Welding is the maker of all Vulcan range of welders.

Where are Vulcan welders manufactured?

Vulcan welders are manufactured in the USA.

What happened to the Vulcan Protig 200?

The Vulcan PROTIG 200 has been discontinued. Several other welders such as the PROTIG 165, Omnipro 220, VW140.MM Migmax, are still in production.

Final Word

You’ve seen the detailed info to help you make a great choice for a welder through this Vulcan Omnipro 220 Review.

All the facts lined up above are meant to ensure you know what this welder can provide and why it could be a great choice for you.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a small MIG welder or a massive TIG welder, the Omnipro 220 has a lot of features you’ll find useful.

Make the most of this review and check out the price of this top-class welder. It’s guaranteed this welder has a lot of excellent stuff to make you weld better, regardless of your skillset.