Vulcan PROTIG 165 Review Unrivalled Multi-process Welding

You need a quality welder regardless of whether you’re planning to weld thin or thick sheets of metal. When it comes to getting the best results, most operators turn to Vulcan for top welders.

There’re lots of choices for buyers when it comes to Vulcan welders. In this Vulcan PROTIG 165 Review, you’ll get a detailed look at a top-quality welder currently in stores.

If you’re checking out for consistency and durability, making a choice based on physical attributes isn’t enough.

That’s why this review brings up every essential detail of this top-class welder. With the massive set of info this review provides, you’ll be equipped to make a more informed choice.

And when it comes to TIG welding for beginners, the PROTIG 165 is an excellent choice to master your metal joining skills.

Without wasting any more time, let’s take a look at this exceptional welder. This welder is sure to have what you‘ve been looking for, and a whole lot more!

What’s in The Box?

With every order placed for a Vulcan PROTIG 165, you’ll get these components alongside its main welding unit;

  • 10 ft. electrode cable and holder (150A) (DINSE-styled connection)
  • 10 ft. work clamp and cable (DINSE-styled connection)
  • 10 ft.120V in cable with plug,
  • 10 ft.240V in cable with plug (NEMA 6-50P)
  • 12 to 12.5 ft. Vulcan TIG torch (140A)
  • 6 ft. Argon/CO2 flow regulator and hose
  • Ceriated tungsten (2%) (0.040, 1/16 in., & 3/32 in.),
  • Collets and bodies (0.040, 1/16 in., & 3/32 in.),
  • Durable gas nozzle (#4 – #6)
  • Foot remote controls


  • Size of electrode – SMAW works with 1/16 inches – 1/8 inches electrodes;
  • TIG welder (shield gas required) uses 0.040 – 5/64 in. tungsten electrodes;
  • GTAW duty cycle: 120V: 130A / 15.2V / 25%, 21.4A input,
  • 240V: 165A / 16.6V/30%, 14.7A input;
  • SMAW: 120V: 90A / 23.6V / 25% , 21.4Amp input,
  • 240V: 165Amp / 26.6V / 30%, 22.4Amp input;
  • Weldable metals – Steel (stainless, chrome-moly, etc.) and steel castings;
  • Welding capacities – 120V: Steel: 0.020 inches. – 1/8 inches.;
  • 240V: Steel: 0.020 inches. –  3/16 inches.;


Wire Feed Speed

The PROTIG 165 has an estimated wire feeding speed for TIG processes to range within fifty to several hundred inches per minute. Having the freedom to set up how you want your machine run adds a lot of comfort and ease to a welding operation.


Controls on this Vulcan welder get legible illustrations to make operation a sure breeze. Since you have the ability to tweak several settings with no hassle, this welder seems to be a top choice.

And with this feature, beginner welders and expert metal joiners will find this machine truly amazing to operate.

Inverter Technology

With efficient inverter technology, this welder can conveniently convert direct current into alternating current and vice versa. Such a feature is what many skilled welders need to get the best results in a challenging metalwork operation.


At just over twenty pounds in weight, this welder comes with an exceptional feature, and capable operators will find it useful. This lightweight welder is comfortable to transport. And its lightweight also improves your operation ease.

Multi-process Capabilities

If you’re looking for a welder with super-efficient provisions for TIG and stick welding processes, the PROTIG 165 should give you what you need.

This welder comes with ample provisions to support numerous welding processes. And with an open-circuit voltage of 15V for the above-mentioned processes, you’re sure to get more work done in less time.

Thermal Overload Protection

This machine comes with advanced thermal overload protection. With this feature, an auto shut-off activates to protect your welder from getting totaled by overheating. Special safeguards are placed on this welder’s mainboard geared towards providing unrivalled protection.

Thermal overload safeguard is a signature feature of many Vulcan welders. And the PROTIG 165 takes functions focused on protecting your investment higher up a notch.

Inbuilt Pulsing

The Vulcan PROTIG 165 comes with an inbuilt pulsing system for accelerating travel speeds and limits heat distortion.

Also, built-in pulsing boosts a welder’s ability to get trickier welds completed within a short period.

High-Frequency Arc

With a high-frequency arc from the PROTIG 165, welders can comfortably put a lot of stuff together using minimal effort. A high-frequency arc provides much neater welds, reduces spatter, and speeds up your preferred welding process.

Dual Voltage Technology

Welders with dual voltage technology provide top-class versatility and improve operators’ work ratio. That’s why the PROTIG 165 features a 120/240V input capable of handling challenging welding jobs.

Separate 120 and 240V input cords are available at no extra charge with every order for the PROTIG 165.


Faster Welding

With the dual voltage technology, high-frequency arcs, and other essential features, this welder produces much quicker welding speeds.

Machine Protection

Anti-overheat systems provide ample protection for this welder’s main unit. You’ll be sure of not having to spend more cash on a replacement any time soon.

Multiple welding processes supported

This welder can support stick and gas welding processes with relative ease. It also ranks as one of the few welders capable of comfortably supporting multiple welding processes.

Easy to Operate

With very few controls fitted on this machine’s outer frame, welders across all skill levels will surely find the PROTIG 165 user-friendly.


Are Vulcan welders any good?

Vulcan welders are of the finest quality when it comes to providing stable currents and sustained arcs for various processes.

Most Vulcan welders come with temperature protection, keeping buyers’ investment safe indeed.

Can a Vulcan DC TIG welder join aluminum?

DC TIG welders from Vulcan have the right set of specs to provide excellent bonding between two aluminum base metals.

Can Vulcan PROTIG 165 weld aluminum?

The Vulcan PROTIG 165 comes with an excellent set of functions geared towards comfortably bonding two aluminum plates.

Can you TIG weld without gas?

As the name tungsten inert gas (TIG) reveals, you can’t TIG weld without a gas. The wire fed to produce an arc has to get shielded with a gas, preferably high argon or carbon gases.

What is the best cheap TIG welder?

The Vulcan PROTIG 165 is the best cheap TIG welder in stores when it comes to massive features provided.

What type of TIG welder can also support stick welding?

Top-quality TIG welders such as the Vulcan PROTIG 165 provide support for stick welding processes. These welders come with several essential functions, and there’re some welders that can support upwards of four processes.

Final Word

With all the features and detailed info provided in this Vulcan PROTIG 165 Review, you have all the essential facts laid out. Make this welder your choice if it’s got what you fancy. It’s guaranteed you won’t be disappointed.